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To think about a Release gum have been used in '99 or '01, it must be thinking that there was no Solitario. Now it came back, we think about a cool supercar which Pegassi did this and now, someone would test drive this car and would like it. To think about we should have it, we better get in this curiousity. Now we better saw this before it goes away!
―Legendary Motorsport description.

The Pegassi Solitario is a 2-door supercar appearing in HD Universe.


The design barely resembles the Lamboghini Egoista, with the cues taken from the Veneno, Ginetta Akula and the spoiler was taken from Ferrari FXX-K Evo. It has a higher top speed than the Pegassi vehicles, making it the fastest car manufactured in the game. However, the handling is very excellent and it can be used on Online Races and customized with features such as paintjobs.



  • Solitario means Solitare in Italian and Portuguese.