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South Aiden Pork Rangers
Locations: South Aiden, Heartworks
Leader: Unknown
Type: White Supremacist Street gang
Enemies: Heartworks Mob
Affiliations: Kloud Krew
Colors: White
Vehicles: Ventoso
Weapons: Mini SMG
Machine Pistol
Businesses: Poaching
Drug dealing/Smuggling
Protection racketeering
Fronts: Bacon Factory

The South Aiden Pork Rangers is a White Supremacist Street Gang situated in the City of Heartworks.


Due to their name; the South Aiden Pork Rangers are generally looked down upon by others gangs and often made fun of, but their connections are know joke. They have made allies with the Kloud Krew and even sell their merchandise to them while maintaining a rivalry with other gangs that don't share their views.

After their "Bacon" Factory is destroyed; the Rangers are left utterly defeated and have given up their turf to the Mob. They are no long seen in public but offer protection to Pandora resulting in the gang being wiped out.

Mission Appearances