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South Bank Posse
Locations: South Bank
Leader: Unknown
Type: Palestinian-American Street gang
Enemies: Uptown Kings
Affiliations: Heartworks Mob
Atıcılar və Dilerlər
Colors: Purple/Red
Vehicles: Sabre
Sabre Turbo
Weapons: Pistol
Pump Shotgun
Advanced Rifle
Businesses: Arms Trafficking/Dealing
Drug Trafficking/Dealing

The South Bank Posse is an Palestinian-American Street Gang featured in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf.


Similar to the Atıcılar və Dilerlər; the South Bank Posse was formed by a small group of Palestinain-Americans in 2000 and eventually grew in sizes as they became long time allies with the Heartworks Mob and the Atıcılar və Dilerlər. They mostly assist the Mob in their objectives or deal directly with them selling their products to one another.


The South Bank Posse mainly wear Purple and Red hoodies with brown cargo pants and brown boots.

Mission appearances