Spencer Hendricks
Spencer Hendricks
Biographical information
Full name Spencer Elias Hendricks
Born 1978
Citizenship American
Physical description
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Brown
Career information
Occupation Junior IAA agent
Coil technology officer
Affiliations International Affairs Agency
GTA Online Protagonist
Motorcycle Clubs (determinant)
Organizations (determinant)
Avon Hertz (formerly)Deathmatch marker GTA V
Agent 14
Phoenicia Rackman
Other information
Appears in Grand Theft Auto Online
"We have to admit, Avon was a true genius. A genius who went too far..."
―Spencer to GTA Online Protagonist

Spencer Hendricks is a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto Online introduced in the Cybercrisis update.


Spencer is a Danish American who is a technology officer of the Coil company. He is also a Trustee of the International Affairs Agency.

Spencer Phone

Profile Photo

t 14 first mentions Spencer during a phone call when he offerring the Protagonist to buy a Laboratory. After purchasing the Laboratory Spencer meets the Protagonist and hires them to Coil. Then registers the protagonist in the Coil Labs network and helps him with the business.
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