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Spouse Slander
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Vincent Douglas
Location: Twine Heights, Caldwell
Target: Enzo's Computer
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Enzo's computer damaged
Reward: $4000
Unlocks: Affordable Dreams
Unlocked by: Sibling Dramas

Spouse Slander is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given to Samantha Douglas by her father-in-law Vincent Douglas.


Vincent tries to convince Sam that Enzo has some information on the blackmail but she is unwilling to believe after the bad information he has given twice but Vincent tells her that he has a history of sending emails as someone else and even shows her some of his emails as she notices that the spelling style is the same spelling style that Vincent uses. She decides to be thorough and tracks the IP Addresses, and they were tracked to computers that were once owned by Enzo.

She heads off to Vixen Street and steals Enzo's computer in order to search in her car and finds that some emails he has sent are in other people's name but none are to her blackmailer but after noticing the spelling on the emails and the way it's formatted as she knows that Enzo never says "Dear" in his emails; she decides to put the computer back before deciding not to contact Vincent.


  • Go to your house.

The player assumes control of Samantha and drives off to her house in Vixen Street. Sam calls Enzo to ask where he was and he tells her that he is at Tuesday Lunch.

  • Steal Enzo's computer.

The player can simply goes inside to get Enzo's computer from the Kitchen countertop as the player is stealing from their own house.

  • Return to your car.

The player than simply has to return their car.

  • Search Enzo's computer history and email.

While going through his computers the player will be guided through Enzo's browser history before access each email saved onto his browser and accessing them all to see who their directed before Samantha decides to be thorough and read each email and examines the format.

  • Exit the computer and take back to your house.

Once finishing examining Enzo's computer the player simply has the exit it and then take it back to their house to complete the mission.


After completing the mission the player will receive $4000 and the next mission will for Vincent Douglas will be unlocked.