A view of a Chippewan city.
Name: Chippewa
Capital: Everett
Governor: Mary Alquist
Population: 9,900,000
Size: 97,000 square miles
Established: January 26th, 1837
Motto: Only the worthy deserve to see the peninsula

The State of Chippewa is a state in the Upper Midwestern region of the United States of America.

Urban Areas

Arnold County

  • Carcer City: This is the city that makes Chippewa known to the world. Back in during it's founding, the city was decently populated and thrived in many ways as a whole. In the present, it is known as one of the most crime ridden cities in America and struggles to maintain order within its streets with an underfunded and corrupt police force.

Meyer County

  • Quickwater: A medium-sized city that is mostly known for its small businesses and frequently visited alcohol distilleries. However, it currently suffers from a drug trafficking problem that forces local businesses to shutdown after they are discovered as being fronts for illegal substances.

Ojibwe County

  • Bunker Hill: A moderately populated city that despite the lack of heinous crimes, has hundreds of reported robberies and thefts a year. Electronic and department stores are often targeted at night by small, but organized gangs who clean out inventories weekly.







  • The state is based of Michigan.