Statistics are a gameplay mechanic in Grand Theft Auto Revolution

The player's character starts with different player statistics based on their occupation and skillset. Each of these stats can be improved with experience which in turn while improve the characters selected ability, reactions and endurance as they progress through the game. The more a character uses a skill the more his or hers related stat will increase.


StatEffectIncrease By
StaminaIncreases ability to sprint, swim, and pedal without keeling over from a heart attack.This stat is increased by 1% for every 18 yards ran, every minute swam and every minute cycled.
ShootingImproves accuracy, reload time, and it decreases recoil.Improved by shooting enemies in combat, getting headshots in combat, and going to a shooting range.
StrengthIncreases hit damage, improves durability, speeds climbing, and increases proficiency in sports.Fighting people with your fist & playing sports increase your Strength.
StealthIncreases speed and reduces noise in Stealth ModePractice successful Stealth Mode & Stealth Takedowns
FlyingImproves airborne maneuverability and resistance to wind effects.Flying for long periods, or attending Flight School
DrivingIncreases ability to perform trick maneuvers.Practice trick maneuvers and wheelies.Best improved by doing stunt jumps.
Lung CapacityDetermines ability to hold breath.Swimming underwater for periods of time will increase this. (Without using Scuba Gear)
Special Increases maximum storage capacity and duration of a character's Special Ability.

  • Health - The players health at the start of the game is at maximum level and can not be increased only enhanced. Every time the player is damaged, their tolerance increases by 0.1%, allowing them to take more damage before dying.
  • Armour - Armour serves an extra layer of protection from firearms and shrapenel only, It no longer offers protection to falls, collisions with vehicles on foot, or melee attacks. Alongside body armour, combat helmets offer protection from bullets striking the head.
  • Stamina -The Stamina statistic indicates endurance with regards to running, swimming, cycling and the use of melee weapons. Extra stamina will allow the character to sprint, swim, cycle and fight using melee weapons for longer with out getting fatigued. The characters stamina will increase as the player performs each of those activites.
  • Weapon Skill
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