Stoozy Boys
Games: Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City
Locations: Carcer City
Leader: Frederick Slater
Type: Traffickers/Vandals
Colors: Blue
Weapons: Various
Businesses: Debt Collecting


Members: Tijs Bergling

The Stoozy Boys are a street gang based in Carcer City. The gang was formed by Frederick Slater and its members are primarily of British, Slavic or Dutch origin. Most of the members hail from London, where they originated in 1980. Members are thought to be as young as twelve and as old as sixty.


The Stoozy Boys are known to identify with the colour blue, which is usually represented by blue scarves, worn around the neck or wrist. The colour blue relates to the suburb in which the gang originated from, which is associated with the colour blue and is also known as 'Blue Borough'.


The gang offers a surrogate 'family' for young boys, most of whom are often alienated from their families via joining.

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