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Stop Following Me
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Tristan Kirby
Location: Indigenous Gallery, Akula, Caldwell
Target: Caroline Bien-Aime
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Caroline manages to catch up to Tristan and Heather
Heather dies
Reward: Access to the museums
Unlocks: Taking Action
Unlocked by: Unwanted Alliance

Stop Following Me is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf self-given by Tristan Kirby. A day after Unwanted Alliance; Tristan will receive two texts one from Samantha and another from Heather and the player can call Heather to begin this mission.


Tristan calls Heather and asks if she wants to go to the Indigenous Gallery to look at some Native American Art in Akula prompting Heather to agree to the date and tells Tristan to meet her at the Gallery. Tristan goes home to put a "smart" outfit and heads off to meet with Heather at the Art Gallery.

At the Art Gallery; they walk around viewing the art before deciding to leave but they are spotted by Caroline and are forced to flee from her as she tries to attack Heather. Tristan gets in his car with Heather and they race off away from the Art Gallery.

After losing her; Tristan and Heather return to their apartment and will the two will have sex before sleeping.

The next morning Tristan is sitting on the couch as the next mission automatically begins.


  • Go to the apartment and get your smart wear.

After the phone call ends; the player has to go to their apartment and change into their smart wear first. On the way their; another texts from Samantha asking him if he knew that Vincent is town saying that she received an email from him.

  • Go to the Art Gallery.

The player then heads off to the Art Gallery and they go inside.

  • View the Art.

While in the Art Gallery; the player walks around with Heather viewing the art and discussing their relationship while considering how they'll keep Caroline away from Tristan. Eventually, Heather has enough of art and decides to leave. During the cutscene; they are spotted by Caroline and run to Tristan's car before she has the chance to attack Heather.

  • Escape from Caroline.

They race away from Caroline as she insults and threats Heather while chasing them. He condemns Tristan for being with her and tells him that he belongs to her. However, they ignore her and manage to lose her after a long chase before deciding to head back home.

  • Return to the apartment.

They return to the apartment after a long quiet drive and results in a cutscene where Heather leads Tristan to her bedroom and after having "fun". The mission is complete and automatically begins the next mission.


Following this mission - the Art Galleries will now become an activity that the player can invites friends or Heather out to.