Will you morons do Max a favor and go back to Puerto-fucking-Rico?
―Mark Smith

Stop the Tank is the fifth mission in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime given to Mark Smith by drug store owner Max Johnson.

Unlocks: The Blow Job

Unlocked by: Beware of the Bodyguard

Reward: $100

Mission Description

An angry riot of Spanish Lords has hijacked a Rhino from Fort 69, and are planning on destroying Get Wasted Drug Store. Panicking, Max Johnson orders Mark Smith to destroy the tank and make sure Spanish Lords stay away from his store.


After exiting the cutscene, you will automatically be given an RPG. You have 2 in-game hours before the Spanish Lords arrive at the store and blow it up. Take out a firearm, guard the store for a while and watch out for any Spanish Lords. Once you see a Rhino coming your way, destroy it with your Rocket Launcher, however, it might take about 6 or 8 bullets to set it up on fire, as the Rhino is a pretty strong vehicle.


  • Get to the drug store before 2 hours.
  • Guard the store and watch out for any Puerto Ricans.
  • Take out any Spanish Lords that get in your way.
  • There's the Rhino tank. Destroy it before it's too late!
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