The following is a list of story missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice Strips.


  • Best Friends: Greet with your friends in Vice City.
  • Home Sweet Home: Drive your friends to your apartment.

Matthew Jones

  • Rock Band: Meet Jones at the school concert.

Cannes Sliver

  • Mikhael's Pizza Delivery: Buy a pizza and deliver it to Cannes
  • This Vehicle's For You: Stole the vehicle from the impound and park it at Cannes' home
  • Rampage Your Mind: Practice shooting on Ammu-Nation with Cannes.

Max Berdies:

  • Package Check: Collect 5 Packages and take it to Max.
  • Hook up The Net: Log on to Vice City Internet Cafe and reply to the mail.
  • Martian Attack: Shoot enemies car using a drive-by shooting.
  • Print your Enemy: Destroy all the enemies in Print Works.
  • Clog the Tubes: Kill all robbers in North Point Mall

Shawn Mossran

  • Drugged: Kill the drug dealer on Little Haiti and take all his money to Shawn.
  • News for Today: Subscribe to the Vice City newspaper service.
  • Polished and Demolished: Receive Shawn's rocket launcher and destroy the Luke's Pawn Shop using it.
  • Less Talking, More Killing: Protect Shawn during gang rampage.
  • Network Crime: Hack all of the 3 websites and escape to your apartment

Inspector Bones

  • Dance to Hell: Kill the guardians protecting the Malibu Club and destroy the whole building using the timebomb.
  • Wanted: Collect 8 Wanted papers.
  • Nap the Kid: Protect Sharon from kidnappers.
  • Elevator Stuck: Hijack elevators on Hooker Inn Hotel.
  • Scream and Shout: Destroy the nearby police helicopters using the Shawn's rocket launcher.

Matthew Jones

  • Meeting Again: Meet again with Jones on the concert.

Mikhael Hussels

  • District 5: Fight at the military compound (with help of Shawn)
  • Special Destruction: Demolish the Special Fried Vice restaurant in Ocean Drive
  • Stranded Boat: Kill Verdian gang members in Viceport.


  • Antoni's Drug Mart: Meet with Antoni at his hotel on Washington Street.
  • Claim This: Kill the enemies on Ocean Drive and take all his drugs to Antoni
  • Cocaine Addiction: Find all the hidden cocaines throughout the Vice Beach and deliver him to Antoni.

Shawn Mossran

  • Whose Man is This: Take a photograph of the Verdian gangs meeting and escape to Shawn.
  • Phantom Taxi: Destroy all the enemy taxi on Vice City within 5 minutes.
  • Wasted My Time: Take Shawn to Escobar International.

Mikhael Hussels

  • Cop Recruit: Steal a police costume and destroy the Police Helicopter.
  • Dodo Eight Wonder: Destroy 8 Dodo airplanes

Ending missions

  • Undergoing Evidence: Intimidate the Verdian gangs and find the boss at Little Havana (along with the mission Law of Attraction)
  • Law of Attraction: Kill the Verdian gang boss.
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