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Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: "Posh" Ian Genoverse
Location: Axel Drive, Mercer City
Target: Yutes Boss and Javier Rong
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Failing to get on the plane in time
Using explosive weapons on the plane
Killing the pilots
Reward: $4000
Unlocks: Out of the Frying Pan
Unlocked by: On Shaky Ground

Stowaway is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given by "Posh" Ian Genoverse to Tristan Kirby.


Tristan meets Ian in his room as he is having sex with an orderly and attempts to leave but the Ian gets the orderly to leave. Ian tells him that Isaac is pleased with his work and tells him that his next target is the Yutes Boss and Javier Rong. He explains that Javier Rong is the leader of the Johnston County Triads, and thus taking him down will badly impact the Triads. He tells him that the Yutes are about leave with their Cargo Plane and Isaac wants them dead before the plane reaches Canada as Ian hands Tristan a parachute.

Tristan agrees and learns that the airstrip is east of Charming before heading off to get on board the plane. He takes a PCJ-600 and manages to get on board before the plane takes off and closes its cargo doors. After getting on board; Tristan has to fight through the bikers, Triads, and Yutes in order to reach Javier and the Yutes Boss. He manages to kill them before jumping out the plane and landing at near the State Border of Lincoln and Aganing.


  • Get on the Bike.
  • Go to the Airstrip.
  • Use the ramp to get on the plane.
  • Kill Javier Rong and the Yutes Boss.
  • Exit the plane.
  • Parachute to safety!


  • Bikers, Yutes, and Triads members - Murdered for getting in his way.
  • Javier Rong - Murdered on orders of Ian Genoverse.
  • Yutes Boss - Murdered on orders of Ian Genoverse.
  • Open/Close MC Road Sergeant (Optional) - Can killed before killing Javier Rong.
  • Yutes Lieutenant (Optional) - Can be killed before killing the Yutes Boss.


Tristan receives an angry phone call from Vincent Douglas followed by a threatening call from Hunter to tell him that he is putting aside his beliefs to team up with the Triads and Yutes to take him down. Tristan receives $4000 for completing the mission and unlocks Out of the Frying Pan.