Max: "Today is the big day, man! I am so going to overtake these bitches! Too bad I didn't get any nice, hot women - they rejected me because they thought I was going to load up a gun in their face and blast them to have my money back. Oh well - I still have some Loggers. More for me!"

Mark: "Shameful."

Max: "Want a sip?"

Mark: "Only when I'm starving. No thanks."

Street Rage is the thirteenth story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime. This introduces the Racing side mission.

Unlocks: See No Evil

Unlocked by: Lost at Sea

Reward: $2,000

Mission Description

Max cannot win a illegal street race without Mark's help. In order to win, Mark has to smash the racers off track to let Max compete the race.


Get a fast car and drive to the starting point. Ram the racers off course for the next three laps, so Max can eventually overtake the racers. An easier way to do this is to prevent drive-bys on them until their cars are in flames, or let them crash into a wall.

Congratulate Max for his victory, and he will give you money to celebrate.


  • Get a fast car.
  • Head for the starting point.
  • Ram the racers off course so Max can overtake them. Don't make him lose.
  • This is the final lap. Make sure Max wins and don't let rivals go ahead of him.


  • Failing the mission will trigger a cutscene with Max teasing Mark; "Wow, my grandma, or a fucking one-legged turtle can do faster than that! I'm ashamed of you, Marco Polo. I'll see you later."