Krank: "I know something you don't know David Hudson"

David: "How the fuck you know my name?"

Krank: "Your friend has told you about your past live but you don't know how you past out and end up at the alley but I know everything about you"

-David and Krank

Street Rumble is the fourth storyline mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory given to the protaganist,David Hudson for Krank Linton from his mansion at Moneyside Hill.

Location: Krank's mansion,Moneyside Hill,Luken

For: Krank Linton

Reward: $200

Unlocks: Tank Rampage,the Ammu Nation store and Krank as contact.

Unlock by: Night Off

Mission Description

After David got the call,he go to the mansion and meet Krank Linton,the boss of the Sundale Mafia,he said he know everything about him and he want him to work for the Mafia if he want the information.


You need to go to Krank's mansion at Moneyside Hill. After meeting Krank,he want you to go to his casino at Luken Downtown and stop The Hoodies,an arc-enemy to the Mafia even though there are just urban gang. You need to go to the Ammu Nation in Quine and buy some weapon. After that,defend the casino from The Hoodies with the Mafia. There are three waves of attack you need to defend against. After the last Hoodies is killed,you need to call Krank and he said thanks for the help ,he said one of his man will give him the money for the work and said that he still has many work for him and after that,he hang up. You receive the money from the Mafia and the mission is complete.


  • Go to the Ammu Nation.
  • Buy a weapon,it free for the first time.
  • Go the casino.
  • Defend the casino against The Hoodies.
  • The second wave is coming.
  • The final wave is coming.
  • Call Krank.

Post-Mission Call

Unknown Person: "Is this mister Hudson?"

David: "Yeah,who the hell are you and how you get my number?"

Unknown Person: "Relax,come to my mansion in Moneyside Hill and we shall meet. See you there mister Hudson"


You get Krank as your contact and the Ammu Nation is unlocked for the player to buy weapon. The next mission,Tank Rampage is also unlock.

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