Summerfield City

The skyline at night time.

"Some bigger, none better."
―Official slogan.
Summerfield City is the main setting for Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime which is divided into three districts: Flintwood, Flamingo Bay, and New Port City.


Flintwood (Chicago) - This is the first island Mark finds himself in. Here are major skyscrapers, such as Handjob Center (parody of John Hancock Center). Mark can start taking missions from various residents and gangsters here. The maximum wanted level is 4 stars, therefore the SWAT will start chasing you down.

Flamingo Bay (Florida) - This is the second island Mark explores and is full of beaches and paradises. Once again Mark works for various people. The maximum wanted level here is 5 stars, therefore the FIB will start to hunt down the player.

New Port City (New York) - This is the third island the player settles in, and starts doing tasks for various people. The maximum wanted level is 6 stars, in which the military will try to kill the player and use tanks.


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