"It's easy, y'know, just drive, shoot 'em thugs, and lose the police. Just a normal Sunday Drive, but with guns"

-Juan Ferdinez, explaining the concept of drive-by shooting to Declan Barge.

"I don't need your fucking advice. Drive-by is my specialty, so shut yer fuckin' trap.

-Declan Barge's reply.

Sunday Drive is the second mission in GTA: TH.


Fugitive Declan Barge, recently liberated by The Cartel, is tasked with various murders for The Cartel. The Cartel provides Declan with a Micro SMG, and orders him to kill 3 Russian Mob officials in a drive-by in a Cartel Landstalker, with an associate holding a Combat MG in the backseat (In Easy Mode). The Russian Bravata members are going to a strip club, and Declan has a choice. He can either have a stakeout in front of the strip club entrance(A), or he can drive around the complex until the Bravata members come out.

A: The Bravata members are notified, and this results in a chase between the Landstalker and the Bravata Moonbeam.

B: A simple drive-by if you are lucky, and a run-over if you are not.

After the Russian Mob members are killed, Declan will receive a 3-star wanted level. Declan will also have to ditch the Landstalker in a lake and hijack another car before the police arrive to lose them. Then he will have to drive to his Cartel hideaway.


  • Drive to the strip club
  • See the Bravata members entering the property
  • Select A or B
  • Kill the Bravata members
  • Ditch the Landstalker
  • Hijack another car
  • Lose your wanted level
  • Drive to your hideaway

Condition of Mission Failure

  • Wasted
  • Busted
  • Fails to kill Bravata members
  • Landstalker Explodes before killing


  • 1 Cartel Landstalker
  • 1 Micro SMG
  • $3000

Unlocks/Unlocked By

  • Unlocks: Wannabe Heist
  • Unlocked By: Fight for Flight
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