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Swatting the Squatters
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Florence
Location: Florence's Farm, South of Charming
Target: Squatters
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Getting a wanted level
Killing or Harming Florence
Killing or harming Florence's animals
Killing the squatters
Failing to save Florence from Xin in time.
Reward: $450
Uncle Bob
Unlocks: Blue Code of Silence
ISSAC Sell Out
When It Is Legal
Unlocked by: The Farmer's Hand

Swatting the Squatters is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given by Florence to Samantha Douglas.


Sam walks over as Florence argues with a backpacker before sending him off using his Defender Shotgun to scare them off and gives Sam his Uncle Bob shotgun to help him scare away the squatters. He tells her not to shoot at them but near them as a warning shot as they go around scaring away the squatters. They find a member of the Johnston County Triads trying to stop the squatters from leaving and confront Florence. They tell him that they are going to be using his Farm as a front but he tells them to leave. They refuse and knock him over as Sam researches them and realises that they are Ramon Cheng and Xin Menendez respectively and that Ramon is a Master-at-Arms and Xin is a Red Pole.

Sam stops Xin from pulling his revolver on Florence by killing him with her Uncle Bob Shotgun and orders Ramon to get on the ground but instead tries to pull his revolver on her but she shoots him down. As they relax; Cecilia arrives to find out what happened and deems Sam's actions as reasonable.


  • Accompany Florence.
  • Scare away the squatters.
  • Accompany Florence.
  • Take down Xin!
  • Go to Florence.
  • Control Ramon!
  • Kill Ramon!


  • Xin Menendez - Killed by Samantha in order to protect Florence
  • Ramon Cheng - Killed by Samantha in order to protect Florence


Following this mission; Sam will obtain $450 and an Uncle Bob Shotgun while the missions Blue Code of Silence, ISSAC Sell Out, and When It Is Legal are unlocked.