Richardio Anderson
Appearance(s): Los Santos Chronicles
Also known as: Slaughterer
The Pig
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1940
Place of birth: Swine
Date of death: 2014

There's no moment I can not hear the screams of my victims. Those horrendous, awful screams of pain, fear and suffering. They won't stop. They almost drive me mad. But then I remember... how happy they make me.
―Swine Slaughterer

The Richardio "Swine Slaughterer" Anderson is the main antagonist of Los Santos Chronicles - Killer Instincts.

Swine Slaughterer is a pig mask-wearing psychotic serial killer responsible for the murder of MacDonald Dalton's parents.


Very few things are known about the serial killer known as "the Swine Slaughterer" but his real name is Richardio. The Police files of him are basically empty papers. The first sightings of him date back to the 80's.

In 1988, Slaughterer slaughtered the parents of MacDonald Dalton, who years later would become a skillful and notorious hitman, determined to find the Slaughterer. Swine murdered people very actively all over the United States during the 2000's, but after the change of the decade, he's been rather quiet. Dalton has been on Slaughterer's tail all these years.

Events in Killer Instincts

MacDonald Dalton is working as a contract killer in Los Santos and strikes a deal with NightHawk to find the Swine Slaughterer, who in turn is plotting in the shadows, manipulating Mac's steps.


He was killed by MacDonald during their machete fight. MacDonald cut his neck with a machete.

Missions Appearances

Killer Instinct

  • Killing Spree
  • Nightmares
  • Nothing To Be Afraid Of (Hallucinations only)
  • Dead End
  • The Raid (Post-mission Phone Call)
  • Your Maker (Boss/Killed)
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