Grand Theft Auto: Vice Strips returned the ability to watch TV shows. Players can now watch TV in their apartments or via live streaming using the in-game internet, although, this feature is rendered useless on gameplay, just like radio stations and it is more of a minor feature on the game made used to pass time and round out the fictional Grand Theft Auto world.


Each TV allows player to watch up to 6 channels simultaneously across Vice City. The channels are numbered and you can use the remote control to change the TV channel. It is also possible to watch TV using the live-streaming service on in-game internet browser.

Viewable TV shows

Weazel Channel

Weazel is a play on Fox Broadcasting Corporation. The channel number was 01

  • Weazel News: Parody of Fox News, sometimes it tells about your crimes in Vice City.
  • Venturas Poker Challenge: A poker show in Las Venturas.
  • Split Sides: A comedy show.
  • Republican Space Rangers: A cartoon show.
  • Pimp Sons: A parody of The Simpsons cartoon show.

Food Channel

Food Channel is the channel about cooking and foods. The channel number was 02

  • America's Best Steaks: A review about steaks.
  • The Cooking Show: A cooking show starring Dean Olivers (parody of Jamie Olivers)
  • Europe Foods: A review about foods in Europe starring Rudy Donnes
  • Sushi Master: A review about sushi, also starring Dean Olivers
  • Barbeque Cunt: A BBQ cooking show starring Darren Hogs

Weazel Business Channel

Weazel Business is a parody of Fox Business and Bloomberg channel. The channel number was 03

  • Stock Reviews: A show about stock reviews.
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