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The Karin Tahara is vehicle featured in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf.


The Karin Tahara is based off the second generation of Toyota Prados (VZJ95R) and usually has offroad wheels despite being more in the city areas than the outback.


Tahara is quite slow and heavy, and has a wide turning radius. Acceleration is average, reaching from 0-60 in about 8 seconds, however, like the Land Rover, the Tahara is capable of climbing steep hills, and unlike most Land Rovers the Tahara has an excellent performance when off-roading. Another advantage is durability, it is easily one of the most durable cars in the game.


Aside from a spoiler and hood modifications the Tahara can receive all other mods including a second paint job and a rails on the roof to allow the drive to tie things to the the roof.