Take Up Arms
Vital statistics
Game King of The Hill
For Perry Harris
Location Fort Zancudo, Blaine County
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Perry dies
Rewards Glock 22
Protagonist(s) Miklos Lipton
Previous Next
Run, You Fools Be Polite

Take Up Arms is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill. It is the first mission given by Perry Harris to Miklos Lipton.


Miklos hangs out in front of the barracks, watching other mercenaries walking back and forth, doing errands. The "Mysterious Mercenary" walks to him.

  • Mercenary: Puny ants going to and fro, serving their queen, thinking nothing. 
  • Miklos: Smart allegory.
  • Mercenary: Hm! You've learned to behave since yesterday. Yes, it's the unfortunate truth; you don't get around here by your brains.
  • Miklos: Sarge Matic made it very clear.
  • Mercenary: Sergeant may seem tough, but from the inside he's like the others; plain mash.
  • Miklos: You talk like you think you're so much superior compared to these pricks.
  • Mercenary: I am. And so are you, Miklos. The first time I saw you at the barracks I knew; this guy is different. This guy might be my intellectual equal. You're the first person here I've heard speaking written standard language, and using words like "allegory", "sanitary" or "thanks". We smart guys need to band together.
  • Miklos: So, you are offering friendship?
  • Mercenary: Indeed. The name's Perry, Perry Harris *Offers hand*.
  • Miklos: ...Very well then, friend. *Shakes the hand* You already know all about me, I reckon?
  • Perry: Pretty much. Hey, I need to show you something. Let's walk.

During the walk to the shooting range:

  • Miklos: By the way, yesterday, you said you might got some "advice that may interest me" or something like that?
  • Perry: I got some plans alright.
  • Miklos: What plans?
  • Perry: Secret plans. You will find out soon enough.

At the shooting range:

  • Miklos: Shooting range? Wait, is this some Matic's test to prove I can shoot?
  • Perry: No, Sergeant Matic has nothing to do with this. It's ME who wants to see how good you handle a gun.
  • Miklos: So you haven't read my file? I'm an expert marksman. I'll show you.

The player then must pass three shooting range challenges with a performance of at least 50% in order to pass the mission. The challenges are: Targets, Moving targets and Timed targets.

After completing the course:

  • Perry: Not bad. Not bad at all.
  • Miklos: So, did I prove myself to ya? You mind now telling what the hell are your "secret plans" for me?
  • Perry: All in time, Miklos. All in time. See you later, maniac.


  • Follow Perry
  • Go to the shooting range
  • Complete the challenges with at least 50%

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Marksman - Pass all challenges with 100%
  • Perfectionist - In moving targets challenge, don't miss any shots