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Taking Action
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Tristan Kirby
Location: Pine Ridge, Caldwell
Target: Caroline's Residence
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Player unable to destroy Caroline's stuff in the given time limit
Spotted by Caroline
Reward: A Baseball Bat
Unlocks: Invisible Enemy
Unlocked by: Stop Following Me

Taking Action is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf self-given by Tristan Kirby.


While talking to Heather as she is in the bathroom; Tristan comes up with a method to get a message to Caroline and tells her that he'll might be a while as he leaves with her trying to get him to reveal his plan but he tells her not to worry. Tristan calls Vincent to get him to reveal where Caroline is staying and he reveals that he was last scene at Hamburg.

He goes over to Hamburg and finds Caroline buying a pistol from Ammu-Nation and follows her to place in New Hamburg. She goes inside before leaving again without the pistol and drives off leaving Tristan to enter her house.

He takes a baseball bat from her closet and proceeds to smash her stuff with it while Caroline is out as he moves quickly as he is unsure when she'll return. After smashing all her stuff; he attempts go through the front door but he spots her returning and goes into a her bathroom.

He manages to sneak out through the house and leave through her bedroom window without being seen as she is distraught about the sight and leaves the area.


  • Go to Caroline's location at Hamburg

The player talks to Vincent and asks him to use his contacts to find out where Caroline is staying and Vincent tells Tristan that she is at Hamburg and the player heads over to her location.

  • Follow Caroline.

The player has to follow Caroline to her place in New Hamburg while Tristan tries to figure out why she is buying a pistol and thinks that she is going try and kill Heather. As she stops at her place; Tristan waits for her to leave before going in and taking a baseball bat in order to smash her blender.

  • Smash Caroline's property.

The player has to smash everything in her house within 10 minutes and after doing so; Tristan tries to leave but Caroline returns forcing him to run to her bathroom.

  • Escape from Caroline's house.

The player will have to mindful of Caroline's movement in order to escape her house through her bedroom and wait until she goes into the kitchen before moving through her living room to get into her laundry room before waiting for her to go to her bathroom him in order to get to her bedroom and leave through her bedroom window.

  • Leave the area.

After escaping from Caroline's house they'll have to leave the area and after doing so; the mission is complete.


After the mission; Invisible Enemy will be unlocked and Samantha becomes playable again.

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