Taking Out the Trash
Vital statistics
Game King of The Hill
For Frosya Khachaturian
Location Ammu-Nation, East Los Santos
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted
Frosya gets hurt
Rewards Frosya's Booty Call (optional)
Protagonist(s) Miklos Lipton
Previous Next
Trash Talk None

Frosya: "Killing the bastard will stop his Alien overlords' evil schemes! Do it! Do it for the better American Future, Miklos!"
Miklos: "Holy shit, girl, we're right now moving dangerously out of your league."
Frosya Khachaturian and Miklos Lipton
Taking Out the Trash is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill, given to Miklos Lipton by Frosya Khachaturian. It is her second and final mission.


After destroying 20 garbage trucks driving around Los Santos, Miklos gets a text message from Frosya, telling him to meet her near the East LS Ammu-Nation.

Frosya congratulates Miklos for destroying the trucks, but to end the Aliens' trash stealing plans, they must take care of Kyle Milligan, the head of Los Santos Waste Management Plant. Miklos agrees, believing Frosya only wants to scare Milligan a little and then give Miklos his reward.

Following Frosya's orders, Miklos heads to Alta Street, Pillbox Hill and gets to the roof of a building across the street from Pillbox Hill Recycling Center. Miklos contacts Frosya, who orders him to open the cardboard box she has left there, as it has some useful equipment in there. The box is revealed to contain a sniper rifle. Miklos starts questioning Frosya, who claims killing Milligan is the only way to stop him from delivering any more trash for the Aliens. Miklos begins to doubt the point of everything and then has 2 choices:

Option 1.

Miklos can refuse to kill Milligan. He can either let him get in his car and leave the area or call Frosya and tell her he's not going to do it. Frosya will call Miklos a traitor and "one of them" before hanging up, leaving Miklos with no reward.

Option 2.

Or Miklos can do what Frosya says and murder Milligan. He can either do it the easy way and snipe him with the rifle, or the hard way and chase him around and kill him with a drive-by.

After Milligan is history and Miklos has left the area, he calls Frosya, telling the good news and asking her about the sort of his reward. Frosya rewards Miklos with her love, which means the ability to call her and have sex. Miklos doesn't know what to think.


If Miligan is killed, the player gets the ability to call Frosya to have sex with her, which replenishes the health meter and gives 50% armor.

Weasel News report about Milligan's death, revealing he was married, a father of 3 children and an epsilonist.


Choosing not to kill Kyle Milligan

  • None

Choosing to kill Kyle Milligan

  • Frosya's Booty Call


  • Go to Pillbox Hill Recycling Plant
  • Open the Box
  • Kill Kyle Milligan (Optional)

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Head in The Head - Kill Kyle Milligan via a headshot


  • As killing Kyle Milligan is required for the gold medal and 100% completion, it seems his death is a canon choice.
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