Harry: "Oh David!Good you come, we have some serious shits here!"

David: "What wrong dude?"

Harry: "Rusty has gone crazy!He orders one of his guys to hijack a tank from the military base! He is heading to my meth lab at South Luken, come on let go before he fucking destroy my meth lab!"

-Harry talking to David about Rusty's plan

Tank Rampage is the fifth storyline mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory given to the protagonist David Hudson by Harry Luger from his house in Quine, Luken.

Location: Harry's house,Quine,Luken

For: Harry Luger

Rewards: $200

Unlocks: Knock Knock and To The Rescue!

Unlock by: Street Rumble

Mission Description

David goes to Harry's house to get some jobs and ask him something. Harry is talking with one of the members and he seems worried, he is grateful to see David and need his help to stop one of Rusty's people from destroying his meth lab with a Rhino Tank.


You and Harry go to South Luken to stop Maccer's worker from destroying Harry's meth lab. After you arrive at the meth lab, some Rusty's worker is attacking the meth lab, help Harry to fend them off with the help of Harry's worker. Afterward, arrivethearrives. Harry order you to hijack it back and dump it in the water to not attracts the police attention. You need to be careful as they are a damage meter on Harry's meth lab, you need to dodge all the shot and get close as possible. After hijacking it, go dump it in the water, the police will be chasing you after you dump the tank. Lose the cop and return to Harry's meth lab to pick him up and escort him back home. The mission is complete after you receive the rewards from Harry.


  • Go to Harry's meth lab.
  • Fend of Rusty's workers.
  • Hijack the tank before it destroys the meth lab.
  • Dump it in the water.
  • Lose the cops.
  • Pick up Harry.
  • Take Harry home.


The Weazel News talk about the shootout at South Luken and a hijacked tank from the military base. The mission,Knock Knock and To the Rescue! is unlock.

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