"A paragon of pep and panache, the Tenebris has all the qualities you'd never be able to attain yourself. It looks and performs exquisitely. It's cutting edge and timeless. It makes people ask deep questions, like "Has science gone too far?" And, honestly, we're not quite sure, but we're guaranteed they'll all be answered in the 0.4 seconds between you leaving the showroom and becoming a road accident statistic. The future isn't around the corner—it's already a mile down the road, flipping off anything and anyone behind it."
―Legendary Motorsport description.

The Fathom Tenebris (pronounced TEN-uh-breese) is a two-door supercar in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Grand Theft Auto Online

The car shows a heavy influence from the Infiniti Vision GT Concept, as seen in its futuristic design cues and aggressively-shaped front and rear fascia. The car is overall very reminiscent of modern Japanese performance vehicles. Some elements of the car's external design (particularly the rear bumper) are somewhat alike to the Ronin-FK's as a result. The vehicle also features scissor doors.

The Tenebris posseses a notably lavish and intricate interior in comparison to most other high-end vehicles, lacking a reused interior and instead using a brand-new one, similar to the Acheron. It is one of the first vehicles in-game to sport a touch screen within its interior, positioned on the central dashboard, although it's only physically used by the character when switching radio stations. It displays the current station, the current time, the vehicle's speed, and revolutions per minute.

Like several super cars in the game, the entire underside of the car is carbon plated, likely for aerodynamic purposes. A small spoiler is fitted on the rear by default, although it can be removed or replaced with another in any mod shop.

Current Design Gallery


Rear quarter view.


Additional modeling.


Grand Theft Auto Online

The Tenebris is impressive for its class. The initial acceleration is quite rapid and can be compared to the Osiris's, and there is typically little to no wheel spin on initial takeoff, thanks to its high torque output and AWD layout. Also, the car is quite stable when maintaining speed around corners due to this.

The engine cover/cam cover design appears to be reused from the Furore GT and Rapid GT, appearing to be a V8 engine. The engine sound, while hard to summarize, is similar to Formula 1 racing car engines, an extremely high revving engine, which seems to have the sound of a supercharger whine. Despite this, its top speed is notable but is one-upped by many other supers.


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  • Tenebris in Latin literally translates as "dark," which is in turn a play on the car's real-life name, Vision GT.