100% Completion refers to having mastered all aspects of The After Dark Scene, and is an optional feature added to extend the gameplay and overall replay value. By completing the requirements (such as collecting a certain number of items and doing optional sidequests), player's completion is calculated as a percentage, sometimes given explicitly. This feeds into the obsessive nature of the player.

To attain 100% completion in The After Dark Scene, the player must accomplish all of the following:

  • Complete 25 Drug Wars
  • Complete 30 storyline missions (The Kids Will Have Their Say to The Singles)
  • Complete all 15 Base Jumps
  • Complete all 20 unique graffiti locations
  • Win the 4 triathlons


  • Collect 30 Bobbleheads
  • Collect 30 Signatures
  • Collect 50
  • Collect 50
  • Complete 50 Stunt Jumps
  • Complete 25 Under The Bridge
  • Complete 8 Knife Flights
  • Complete A Booty Call
  • Friend Activity: Play Darts
  • Friend Activity: Play Golf
  • Friend Activity: Play Tennis
  • Friend Activity: Visit A Bar
  • Friend Activity: Visit The Cinema
  • Friend Activity: Visit The Strip Club
  • Friend Activity: Rob a Pedestrian
  • Friend Activity: Rob a Vehicle
  • Friend Activity: Rob a Store
  • Hold Up A Store
  • Purchase A Car Mod
  • Purchase A Haircut
  • Purchase A Tattoo
  • Purchase A Vehicle From A Website
  • Purchase A Weapon
  • Purchase Any 5 Properties
  • Purchase Some Clothes
  • Purchase Stocks
  • Purchase narcotics
  • Receive A Prostitute Service
  • Ride The Cable Car
  • Use A Fairground Ride
  • Use The Car Wash
  • Visit The Cinema
  • Watch a live sporting event
  • Watch a television series


When 100% is achieved in The After Dark Scene, the following cosmetic, "Bragging Rights" rewards are given: