Cheats are a combination which triggers an event or affects within The After Dark Scene, activated through each protagonist's smartphone messenger. Cheats can be as minimal as adding ammunition to a gun, or increasing a character's health, or changing the character to a completely different character.

Player Effects

Cheat Effect Cheat Text
Money Gain Cheat R07h$cH1LD
Money Loss Cheat jUD3nH455
Explosive Ammo Rounds D15 1$ MUR1c4
Fast Run 90774 90 pH4$7
Fast Swim [[wikipedia:|]]
Flaming Bullets [[wikipedia:|]]
Invincibility 73Rm1N470R
Wanted Level Lower j41L pHR33 c4RD
Wanted Level Raise jU$71c3 pH0r 7r4yV0n
Max Health & Armor [[wikipedia:|]]


World Effects



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