The After Dark Scene includes a diverse in-game internet with multiple websites. The in-game internet can be accessed from anywhere in Las Venturas via Smart Phone, tablet or Computer.

The four protagonists use four separate browsers to surf the internet: Armin Van de Corput uses Silver; Jackie Hiroyuki uses Redtail; Tijs Bergling uses Garbij and Albert Meursault uses HID.



  • Barscru - Meet new people in their area for a chat and date; Or messy alley love.
  • eBae - The largest casual dating community online; males contact first.
  • Riisk - Large international user base; Creepy Indians not-included.
  • Spooners - Single users who seek casual spoon partners; Skin strictly prohibited.

Social Networking

  • Bleeter - Social networking and microblogging site; Speak your thoughts.
  • Conduit - Anonymous imageboard, A.I controlled; Hosted without law in Space.
  • Lifeinvader - Online social networking service; Low privacy.
  • Outside - Social network tool that live streams society; Government approved.
  • Wannakilo - A photo and video sharing site; Act like a photographer.

Video hosting

  • VidRage - Discover, watch and argue pointlessly over originally-created videos.
  • Placebo - The second choice if VidRage does not host the video.


  • Bedrude - The most popular pornographic website in the world.
  • Thrust - "Porn without girls", with male actors Dry-humping the air.

Web browsers

  • Eyefind - Default web portal, search engine and related services.
  • Garbij - Dilatory web browser developed by Fruit Inc.
  • HID - Software for empowering online anonymity and uncrackable locations.
  • Redtail - Free and open-source web browser developed for privacy.
  • Silver - Web portal which stole ideas from older, defunct browsers.


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