This is the complete list of Achievements in Grand Theft Auto: The After Dark Scene. There are 50 Achievements and Trophies in the stand-alone expansion. Some trophies are blocked temporarily in the gaming session by the use of cheatcodes.

PS3 trophies utilize trophy grades (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum). Once all 49 trophies are acquired on the PS3, the player is awarded a Platinum trophy.

List of Achievements/Trophies

Name Grade Gamerscore Requirement
Las Venturas Nights Bronze Complete "The Kids Will Have Their Say".
-- Bronze Complete "".
You've Just Been Erased Bronze Complete "".
---- Bronze Complete "".
The Wild West Bronze Complete "The Classic Heist".
------ Bronze Complete "".
------ Bronze Complete "".
------- Bronze Complete "".
-------- Bronze Complete "".
--------- Bronze Complete "".
---------- Silver Complete "The Singles".
Poor Savings Bronze Spend $150 million across all three protagonists.
Bomb The World Bronze As Jackie, finish all 20 unique graffiti locations.
Roid Rage! Bronze As Tijs, start a fight in every nightclub without being knocked down.
Altruist Acolyte Bronze As Armin, pay off all individual debts on time.
Red Mist Bronze As Jackie, obtain the Masana.
No Ronin Bronze As Jackie, become a full member of the Yakuza.
Nocturnal Life Gold Attain 100% completion.
Kaputt Bronze Fly under 10 bridges in a row with any fighter plane.
Lightweight Baby! Bronze As Tijs, lift the maximum weight in Gym exercises.
Father Figured Silver As Armin, complete all of the Family's side missions.
Neon Icon Bronze As Albert Meursault, wear all alternative accessories and haircuts.
I Apparel Therefore I Exist Bronze As Albert Meursault, complete all Hipsterdism preaches.
Imported Love Bronze Call Tony Adventura to modify your current vehicle.
Multi-Disciplined Silver Attain a gold medal in all applicable Hobbies and Pastimes.
Be Water My Friend Bronze One-Hit kill 100 individuals
Bling Bronze Fully modify any weapon.
Safe As Houses Silver Explore all of Las Venturas.
Martial Artists Bronze Learn all fighting styles.
Under or Upon Gold Earn 70 Gold Medals in all Story Missions.
Friends Forever Bronze After meeting all friends, attain a 90% friendship stat with all of them.
Gambler's Fallacy Bronze Complete all Storyline Missions in less than 30 gameplay hours
The Great Gatsby Bronze Sell any stock for a double profit.
Lord of War Bronze Obtain all available weaponry
Night Time Hustle Bronze Complete the introductory mission of GTA Online.
Bouncer Bronze Reach Rank 25 in GTA Online
Manager Silver Reach Rank 50 in GTA Online.
Owner Gold Reach Rank 100 in GTA Online.
I Made It Bronze Drive a high-end vehicle through a millionaire apartment
Backseat Driver Bronze Surv
It's Pure Guys Bronze Complete all the Drug Deal diversions.
Clique Bronze Complete a Heist as a member of a Crew in GTA Online.
Badge Fag Silver Earn the 10 new Platinum Awards for GTA Online.
Party Goer Bronze Complete all side activities in GTA Online.
Ebony Typhon Bronze Call Black Pegasus backup.
Insurance Lord Bronze Acquire forty high-end vehicles legally across all protagonists.
Addiction Overdose Bronze Play 150 hours overall n GTA Online.
The Midnight Club Bronze Use custom vehicles to win 5 Races in GTA Online.
After Dark Champion Platinum N/A Obtain all trophies.


  • The name "Under or Upon" is based off a quote by Plato. "All the gold which is under or upon the earth is not enough to give in exchange for virtue."
  • The name "Kaputt" is based off the final words of the Red Baron.
  • The name "Columbus" is based off a real world explorer famous for locating the new world.
  • The name "Be Water My Friend" is based off a quote by Bruce Lee. "Now water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend."
  • The name "Lightweight Baby!" is based off a quote by Ronnie Coleman. "Yeah, buddy! Lightweight baby!"
  • The name "The Great Gatsby" is based off the movie and novel The Great Gatsby.
  • The name "You've Just Been Erased" is based of Arnold Schwarzenegger's one liner in Eraser (1996).
  • The name "Bling" is an homage to the Call of Duty perk, Bling.
  • The name "It's Pure Guys" is based off a punchline by Tony Baker performed at the Laugh Factory, known as "Happy Drug Dealer".