"Some idiots never learn when to leave people alone..."

-Mark Smith

The Blow Job is the sixth story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime, given by Mark Smith by Max Johnson.

Unlocks: Burn, Baby, Burn!

Unlocked by: Stop the Tank

Reward: $150

Mission Description

The Spanish Lords are still not leaving Max alone, so he orders Mark to collect some explosives, and head to the warehouse where the Spanish Lords are hanging out at.


Head on over to Turtle Head Fishing Company at Clinton, and plant the sticky bombs on the front door. You have at least five seconds to get out of there, so escape quickly.

After blowing the place up, the police have been informed about the explosion and you will attain a 3 star wanted level. You will then receive a text message from Jack, saying that the SCPD is at his house and he needs to arrive at Max's place quickly after he has lost the cops.

After you have lost the heat, drive to Max's apartment. Max will say the Spanish Lords will not have trouble with him for a while. Because the police is still investigating the house, Max purchases him an apartment at Downtown, a few blocks near his drug store.


  • Head to the warehouse.
  • Plant the sticky bomb on the front door.
  • You have at least five seconds to get out of here. RUN!
  • Lose your wanted level.
  • Go back to Max's apartment.


The mission title is an obvious reference to oral sex.

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