Vengeance in Los Santos
Alderney State Correctional Facility - GTA IV
Vital statistics
Game Vengeance in Los Santos
For Joe
Location Alderney
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Rewards None
Protagonist(s) Joe Preest
Previous Next
Prologue Los Santos, San Andreas

"Get out of Alderney" - Description

"The Breakout" is the second mission in Vengeance in Los Santos and takes place one year after the previous mission.


Joe wakes up in his cell and is awoken by his cell-mate who tells him that today is the day and must choose which plan to escape with. There are two options The Classic Escape: in which all of the prisoners team up and attempt to escape with their lives as well as taking money from the wardens office, The reward for this is $10,000 after breaking out and the ability to call up some of the prisoners to help in a heist. The Second Option is Smart: in which the player sneaks out of the prison as swell as taking money from the wardens office, the reward for this is $15,000 and the ability to call Joe's cell-mate for a heist. Either way after escaping Joe gets into a car then heads to Los Santos by sneaking on board a FlyUS plane.


  • Choose an Escape Plan
  • Follow Little-T/Attack the Officer
  • Sneak past the Guards/Get to the Wardens Office
  • Go inside the Wardens Office/Shoot the Guards
  • Unlock the Prison Gate/Take out the Helicopter
  • Get in a Car
  • Defend the Car from Cops (The Classic Escape Only)


  • In the warden's office there is a newspaper that say's "Mysterious Ship Found Underwater" referencing to the UFO underwater in GTA V.
  • If using the "Classic" option for the escape the loudspeaker will announce the following people that escaped "CJ" "Niko" and "Luis" these are clearly referencing the past protagonists.
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