The Businessman
Vital statistics
Game L&S MiniLogo
For Jan Daniels
Location _, Vice City
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Rewards None
Protagonist(s) Thomas Kingston
Maria Vinogradova
Previous Next
The Pressure Red Sparrow
"We need .. um.. more money"

The Businessman is the second mission in Light & Shadow given by Jan Daniels  to Thomas Kingston. It's also the first mission which involves Maria Vinogradova and the first with two playable characters.


Jan called Thomas for discussing something important in his office. There, Jan explains that they only collects $4,800 from Mr. Straile, smaller than his expectation, and it's not enough to cover their $6,000 debts to Da Silva Enterprises. His two other men also captured by the cops, leaving Thomas as his only employee.

He gets some intel that Charles Wagner will taking a vacation in Vice City. Charles was a wealthy stock businessman of LCN  with ownership to Bank of Liberty and several smaller high-profit business. This gives Jan an opportunity to scam him for paying the Da Silva and his plan is to direct him in a city tour and hotel that not in accordance to the one on his order, where Thomas can sneak to his room and stole his laptop.