Left Quotation Mark Nero
The fact that your hand hold the life and death of someone is terrifying.
Right Quotation Mark Nero
The Curator
L&S TheCurator
Biographical information
Full name Unknown
Nickname(s) The Curator
Born Unknown (around 50 years old)
Citizenship American
Physical description
Career information
Occupation Assassination contract dealers
Affiliations Mark Rotterdam
Maria Vinogradova
Other information
Appears in L&S MiniLogo
Actor Leo Bill (Voice, Likeness, Motion Capture)

The Curator (real name unknown) is a character in Light & Shadow. An aged hitmen contractor in Vice City with excellent career, The Curator is the one whose gone after Nikolai Kirikov in the story and have a key role in Maria Vinogradova 's arc.


The Curator himself said that he's around fifty year old, making him born between 1958 to 1967. The job as assassin agency manager was inherited from his father when he's 25 years old. He referred himself as "The Curator" as he identify his job as a "keeper of killer collections". For years, The Curator has finished hundreds of clients' problems by hiring various assassins, with Mark Rotterdam being his favorite.

The Curator has many similarities with Wade Heston and Mr. Black, with all three being a secretive hitmen contractor. However, The Curator did not afraid to met his employee in person, but only in his office. 


The Curator is a bit paranoid. He refuses to get outside his office and oftenly seen cleaning his room to clean any traces left by anyone who visited him.

He never tells his clients which assassins he sends after the target. Vice Versa, he refuses to tell his employees whose their clients were.


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