The Deal
Vital statistics
Game Vengeance in Los Santos
For Big M
Location Los Santos
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted, Big M dies, Big M is abandoned, Valenca Gang gets away.
Rewards $5000

Gang Stickups

Protagonist(s) Joe Preest
Previous Next
Favor Tough Job

"Fucking Hell, not again!" - Joe after the Valenca's Ambush the gang.

"The Deal" is a mission in Vengeance in Los Santos it is given to protagonist Joe by Big M


Joe goes to Big M's house and asks what the next move is on the gang moving into their territory. Big M reveals that he thinks there is no need for violence as it doesn't solve anything. But he's made a deal with them to make a "Peace" offering. Joe then drives Big M and some of his Gang Members to the meeting point at the Los Santos Docks. Joe escorts Big M to the meeting area, as the deal goes down. The Gang reveals that Big M is stupider than he looks and that he's walked into a trap.

The main member reveals that they are the Valenca Gang. Big M recognises the name and says that he means no harm to him and his fellow members. But the Member laughs. "Heh, you just saved us the job of killing you guys at your territory. Don't worry, i'm sure every crackhead in Strawberry will forget your name! Kill em' all!" A firefight ensures. Joe pushes the Valenca's back and goes after the main member. Joe eventually causes the Member to swerve off the road. Making his car crash into the water, along with the peace money. Joe then dives into the water and retrieves the case. Big M then picks up Joe and drives them back to his apartment. Joe then says that the peace offering was a setup. Big M corrects Joe in saying "That wasn't a setup, that was the declaration of war."


  • Drive Everyone to the Meeting Point
  • Walk with Big M to the Meeting Area
  • Defend yourself from the Valenca Ambush
  • Push the Valenca's Back
  • Chase after the Lead Member
  • Crash into the Lead Member
  • Dive towards the sunken car
  • Return to the surface
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