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The Farmer's Hand
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Florence
Location: Florence's Farm, South of Charming
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Getting a wanted level
Killing or Harming Florence
Killing or harming Florence's animals
Reward: $450
Repeating Rifle
Unlocks: Swatting the Squatters
Unlocked by: Charming's Markets

The Farmer's Hand is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given by Florence to Samantha Douglas.


Sam arrives at Florence's farm as sitting on his porch and welcomes her while reminding her of her joke. He wants her to see what the farm life is like and she agrees to it. He gives her a crate of fruit and tells her to follow him. She follows him to the Walton and places the Fruit on the truck before going back to porch and takes a second. She continues to places the fruit crates on the Walton before Florence takes her over to a horse and tells her to get on it. Florence tells her to ride it for a while to get comfortable before joining him as they go to the cattle. Sam herds the cattle out to the pasture before taking the horse back and hitching it to a hitching post.

Florence gives Sam a Repeating Rifle and explains to her that they going rabbit hunting. She shoots a couple of rabbits before taking them back to his house. Florence lets her keep the repeating rifle and gives some money before asking to return.


  • Follow Florence.
  • Place the crater in the Walton.
  • Collect the remaining crates and place them in the truck.
  • Accompany Florence.
  • Get on the Horse.
  • Ride the horse around house.
  • Accompany Florence.
  • Drive the cattle out of their pen.
  • Herd the cattle to the pasture.
  • Ride with Florence.
  • Tether the horse to the hitching post.
  • Walk with Florence.
  • Hunt for rabbits.
  • Take the game back to the house.


Samantha gains a Repeating Rifle and $450 as result of completing the mission.