Gary: "Finally you come,I got a plan that will really make us some money to pay the triads. James and Harry are also gonna join us"

David: "Hope this is not one of your fucking plans"

Gary: "Don't worry man,we do some heist this time!"

David: "That the most bullshit things you ever said"

-David and Gary planning the heist

The Game Plan is the 17th mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory given to the protaganist,David Hudson from Gary Mackson.

Location: Lunatic Boulvard, Gary's Apartament, Duin

For: Gary Mackson

Rewards: None

Unlocks: The F**king Sindacco's..., Gauntlet(Mission)

Unlock by: Robbing SammyMeeting the Gang

Mission Description

David decide to pay a visit to Gary but Gary has a plan to get some money for the triads. He suggested an heist with David reluctantly accepted,they go to Shawn's house,an heist planner.


Go to Shawn's house in Seaside Hill. He greet them well since he been expecting both of them,he has plan a heist for a Fleeca Banks on Seaside Highway. He suggest that they need four people which is enough,he just need a Gauntlet for the getaway vehicle and all set. He give you his phone number and call him later after you get the Gauntlet,the mission end as the player drop off Gary at his apartment.


  • Go to Shawn's house.
  • Drop off Gary at his home.


The players could hang out with Gary again,the next missions is also unlock with David getting Shawn's phone number.

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