The Haygaards
For: Wally Haygaard
Location: Ludendorff, North Yankton
Target: Lou Gunderson

Margie Haygaard

Charlie Haygaard

"Aw jeez, aw jeez, aw jeez. You done goofed it now Wally."
―Wally inside his car drenched in blood.

The Haygaards is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: LudendorffThe mission serves as a tutorial for the player as well as introducing the main characters, the first interactive cutscene takes place one week before actual game play.


On an empty desolated stretch of road covered in snow, a diner sits idly in the background of the pre-dawn sky. Moments later, cars speed past, the wind it caused blows away the loose snow. As the snow slowly disappears, the torso of a naked body is revealed. Inside the car a distressed naked man drenched in blood careens across the road, losing control, crashing into a ditch.

The hyperventilating driver, Wally Haygaard gets out of the car and attempts to push it into the lake.  A week earlier, Wally and his wife Margie Haygaard are having breakfast together. She complains to Wally about not being a man because he can't help around the house and how he doesn't make enough money, she then tells him she married the wrong Haygaard. 

Mission Transcript

Inside a stolen car, Wally Haygaard careens down a desolated stretch of road covered in snow. Naked, and drenched in blood, he throws up. Getting vomit everywhere.

Wally Haygaard: '"Aw jeez, aw jeez, aw jeez. You done goofed it now, Wally"

As he cleans the vomit off his mouth, Wally swerves to avoid a deer and her fawn. His car spins out and crashes into a niveous ditch.

Wally Haygaard: "Heck, that's quite a pickle. Think Wally think, oh god what have I done... Oh no no no"

Regaining his composure, he sees Lake Klaus in the distance. Pushing his car towards the lake he stops momentarily as four North Yankton State Patrol prowlers fly past in the background. Unnoticed he continues to push his car towards Lake Klaus.

The screen cuts to black and the title Grand Theft Auto: Ludendorff is shown, followed by the games theme music.

Mission Objectives

  • Drive - "Drive"
  • Dispose the evidence - "Push Wally's 1993 Durango into Lake Klaus"
  • Mount the Bicycle - "Mount the bicycle and pedal to work"
  • Fight Back - "Fight Lou Gunderson"