The Midas Touch
Vital statistics
Game Light & Shadow
For Thomas Kingston
Location _, Vice City
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Rewards $400
Protagonist(s) Thomas Kingston
Previous Next
New Year Tragedy The Pressure

The Midas Touch is the second mission in Light & Shadow, which involves the protagonist Thomas Kingston. Maria Vinogradova and Andrea Acconcia appear as well during the cutscene. _.


Right after the previous mission, the mission start with "Light & Shadow" logo on the screen. The logo distorted and moved to The Underbelly of Paradise: Vice City TV show hosted by FIB agent James Maxwell  . He introduce Vice City as a number one tourist destination in the Caribbean before "turn off the light into a shadow", reveals the city was also the United States underworld capital with the recent drug smuggling and arms trade. _. 

Mission Objectives