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The Mob
For: Samantha Douglas and Tristan Kirby
Location: Akula Hill, Caldwell
Target: Heartworks Mob
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Enzo is harmed or killed
Reward: Editorial Heights Safehouse is unlocked for Tristan Kirby and Charming Safehouse is unlocked for Samantha
Stranger and Freaks missions become available
Unlocks: Escort Service
Invite Only
Arrest for the Wicked
Unlocked by: Mansion Raid

The Mob is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf conducted by both protagonists Tristan Kirby and Samantha Douglas.


Caroline arrive speeds into Sam's garage while Sam and Tristan are celebrating the arrest of Vincent Douglas. Caroline bursts through the door and explains that she stole 100 kilos of Ketamine from some gang in Heartworks and after a brief pause Tristan works out that she stole them from the Mob and tells her to get rid of the Ketamine but refuses to as she tries to drug Samantha while tying Tristan to a chair.

As she is about to drug Samantha; several mobster arrive and assault the mansion causing most of the mansion to begin burning from the Molotovs and allowing Tristan to escape and take out the mobsters. However, as the fight progresses - he frees Samantha and tells her to escape with Enzo before continuing the fight. He is knocked out by the mob and brought before the mob along with Caroline. He denies affiliation with Caroline and wants nothing to do with her or the theft of the Ketamine. He explains his history with Caroline and gives him an opportunity to pay off the debts for Caroline while keeping her away from him. She attempts escape and Tristan tries to go after her but is stopped by Issac's security but is allowed to leave and go after her.

He manages to capture her and Angie takes Caroline away from the area while Isaac and tells him that a experimental drug Isaac has been using known as the ISSAC will be used on her to make her compliant with their requests. He has Tristan taken to the Editorial Heights Apartments while Samantha drives with Enzo into Johnston County and arrive in Charming where they meet with Conner whom lets them stay at in his house.


--- Tristan ---

  • Free yourself from the chair.
  • Defend yourself against the mobster.
  • Free Samantha!
  • Help Samantha escape from the mobster.
  • Chase Caroline.

--- Samantha ---

  • Go to Conner's house.


Samantha and Enzo are exiled from Caldwell and Caldwell County and are forced to remain in Johnston County while Tristan is taken to the City of Heartworks.