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The Terrible Sixteens
Locations: Heartworks
Leader: Unknown
Type: Gang
Enemies: Kloud Krew
Open/Close MC
Colors: Varies
Vehicles: Terrorbytes
Weapons: SMG
Micro SMG
Baseball Bat
Businesses: Harassment
Privacy Invasion
Members: Unknown

The Terrible Sixteens is a gang featured in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf and is notable around the State of Lincoln.


The Terrible Sixteens is based on several fads and memes from 2010 to 2016 including "evil" clowns, pokemon go, selfies, planking, and droning. Unlike in real life; the Terrrible Sixteens is minor gangs with little-to-no budget. They are sometimes label as a cult.

Design and description

The Terrible Sixteens are often found near forests in clown suits, behind houses using drones, walking into traffic while on their phones, or laying on top of vehicles. They always have their logo on the back of their shirts and usually wear runners.