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There's a Little Matter We Have to Talk About
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Isaac De Volta
Location: Italian Restaurant, Beaumont Cragin, Heartworks
Target: Deluxo
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Destruction of the Deluxo
Reward: $4000
Unlocks: Charming's Markets
Unlocked by: Pork Rangers

There's a Little Matter We Have to Talk About is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given by Isaac De Volta to Tristan Kirby.


Isaac has Tristan meet him at an Italian Restaurant on Beaumont Cragin and he meets him in the carpark. He tells Isaac that he has made a deal with the Kazeraida bikers and needs Tristan to steal a Deluxo from the Uptown Kings and bring it to the Bikers. Tristan agrees and asks where they are keeping it and Isaac tells him to that it'll be parked behind a ballroom.

Tristan heads off to the steal the car and eliminates the Kings protecting it in order to deliver it to the Bikers.

After taking the car to the bikers and parks in the garage as instructed before meeting with the Prospect to learn that the bikers have work for him and to meet them at their clubhouse soon.


  • Steal the Deluxo.
  • Take the car to the garage in Rin Copse.
  • Don't let the Uptown Kings destroy the Deluxo!


  • Uptown Kings gangsters - Killed by Tristan Kirby for getting in his way and trying to destroy the Deluxo.


Tristan receives $4000 after completing this mission while the Strangers and Freaks mission Charming Markets is unlocked for Samantha Douglas.


  • The name of the mission is reference to a quote said by Marty McFly in the second Back to the Future movie.