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I'm just a thieves, not a killer, so it's not my mistake if you were dead
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Thomas Kingston
L&S ThomasKingston
Biographical information
Full name Thomas Kingston
Nickname(s) Tom
That Damn Boy
Born March 1991 in Vice City
Age 27
Citizenship American
Family Edisson Kingston (father)
Unnamed mother †
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Dark Green
Height 5' 11" (1.8 m)
Career information
Occupation Con artist
Affiliations British Firms (formerly)
Alexis Perez (formerly)
Maria Vinogradova
Andrea Acconcia
Pyotr Stoyanovich
Other information
Appears in L&S MiniLogo
Actor Freddie Thorp

Thomas Kingston is the lead protagonist in Light  & Shadow along with Maria Vinogradova and Andrea Acconcia. A 27 years old experienced grifters, a gentleman thief who fell after reaching the top, now wanting to restarts everything.

In the game, Thomas has an ability to pickpocket pedestrians while he passed by with each target has a different chance to caught his action and alerted. Yet, he sometimes prank Maria and Andrea by stealing their wallet.


Thomas Kingston was born in March 1990 to Edisson Kingston and an unnamed mother. No much known about his mother as she died when Thomas was 5 years old, but he know that both his parents worked together in Vice City Police Department. All information about her mother are lost, including in the police database. It's assumed that Edisson is the one to remove all of it so he don't remember her.

Thomas grew up as someone who pulled into many troubles, becoming a school bully and involves in many "rude" stuff in the street, where he befriended Harold. His behavior lead to a sour relationship with his father.

"It's easier to cheat in that city of sin rather than your shitty video game"
―About Las Venturas to _
On one occasion, Thomas and the Albrighton went to Las Venturas for the school field trip and manages to collect lot of money by cheating in various games in the city of sin's casinos. They didn't get caught, but all the money stolen by another con-men and until now, Thomas dreamed to return to the city.


Around 2016 when studied in the Business and Technology Institute, Thomas, Jack, and Alexis hired into the notorious British Firms. The boss Stuart Walker was impressed by their con skill and pay them to help him as the distractor in his operation.

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Thomas is described as a lighthearted, someone who prefers to keeps everything cool with courtesy in contrast to his unpredictable trickster behind. His ability to trick peoples makes him think everyone around him is stupid, causes him to be a bit cocky. Despite all the lack of con-man background, he shows care towards people who close to him and tends to be loyal and trustable.

Like every criminals on his age, Thomas is very ambitious and wanted to get recognized as more than just a figure in the crowd of the city criminals. Over the course of the story, he realizes that his ambition can become his main weakness and always carefully while "climbing the ladder".

Thomas really enjoyed Vice City nightlife where he expand his connection, as a refreshment, and one of many way to "show his talent".


"Why spents so many times to fund your gang days by days while the enemies producing money every minutes? Why don't we put them into bankruptcy or something like that?"
―Talking to Harold


Arkells - Relentless

Inspired from previous Franklin Clinton in V and various sleight-of-hand artist, real-life and fictional: Apollo Robbins, Ben Seidman, and Jack Wilder from the movie Now You See Me. Rockstar goal is to create a "typical and classic protagonist of the franchise" amidst the different game theme while avoiding the trend of bland personalities of a character like this.

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