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Getting caught in the act shows how brainless you are, not how smart your prey was.
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Thomas Kingston
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Biographical information
Full name Thomas Kingston
Nickname(s) Tom
That Damn Boy
Known aliases Duncan
Born March 1985 in Nassau, Shawnee (Age 32)
Citizenship American
Physical description
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 5' 11" (1.8 m)
Career information
Occupation Con artist
Affiliations Cyrus Forsell (formerly)
Other information
Appears in L&S MiniLogo.jpg
Theme Dispatch_-_"Con_Man"_(Official_Audio)
Actor Ryan Eggold (Voice, Model, Motion Capture)

Thomas Kingston is one of the protagonists in Light & Shadow along with Maria Vinogradova and Andrea Acconcia. He is a grifter from Nassau who escaped to Vice City after a bloody incident.

In the game, Thomas masters driving the best and his stamina depletes at lowest rate, but also has the poorest shooting and the shortest lung capacity. He has the ability to pickpocket passerby with possible chance of getting caught.


Thomas was born in Nassau, Shawnee in March 1985. Growing up in a city of high-crime rate, Thomas became a confidence man, starting his career with relatively low-level robbery and fraud. In 2011, he befriended a fellow conman named Cyrus Forsell, and formed a formidable crew of con artists that specialized themselves with more daring cons. The crew built an excellent reputation in Nassau for six years, and lived an upper-class lifestyle anonymously.

Thomas always feels uncomfortable when someone questions him about his family and backstory. This possibly implies that he had a rather troubled past, which he refuses to memorize or share.

Event in L&S

Before the event of Light & Shadow, Thomas and Cyrus alongside their crew were hired by a local mobster to overtake his rival's territory without triggering a gang war. Instead of paying them off after completing the mission, the mobster betrayed them and sent his men to kill them, as he somehow learned of their secondary identity. Thomas escaped to Vice City and believed that he is the sole survivor.

As he is now quite far from Nassau, Thomas assumes that it is safe to use his actual name, though he still covers up details of his origin. After few days of surveying his surrounding, Thomas meets Leandro Gomez, an ambitious drug dealer. As they make bonds, Thomas agrees to help him in dealing with his more powerful competitors following their botched deal. Thomas deceives his competitors and works with Jan Daniels, a new associate who traps tourists into becoming their baits, informants, and drug agents.

Thomas then expands his connections, meeting Brazilian kingpin Felipe Da Silva through his bodyguard. Meanwhile, in an assault, Leandro is killed by his former gang, the Céntricio Cartel. Thomas and Jan evade the cartel and manage to "erase" evidences of their involvement with Leandro. Felipe quickly offers Thomas better jobs with the Da Silva Enterprises, some of which benefit him personally. Later on, Felipe calls Thomas into helping him overthrowing his father from the enterprises for acting "out of control" in last few months. Thomas obeys him despite feeling quite skeptical.

I'm a coward, but, it is a chance to cheat the death, you won't refuse it as well right?
―to Cyrus

Thomas then targets Francis Da Silva, by making him addicted with drinking and collecting wine. Thomas gets help from Maria Vinogradova, a woman he had met before while working for Jan. When the scheme goes halfway, however, Maria drugs Thomas and practically ruins his entire plan. Thomas is taken by her to Cyrus, who turns out to be alive as well. Cyrus reveals that he tracked Thomas down from Nassau and hired Maria to pick him up. He questions Thomas loyalty with his former team, why he ran away and not help them. Thomas believes that they would not survive the tragedy and escaping is a wise choice. He dismisses Cyrus and goes to meet Felipe again. Even worse, Felipe cuts his tie with him in fear that Francis could have discovered their plot. Afterwards, Thomas hold a grudge against Maria.

Thomas does not have to wait long for another job. He gets to know with Edgar Fernandez, who needs his help to rip off the Céntricio Cartel for stealing from his family. Knowing that his first client Leandro is also killed by them, Thomas sympathizes with Edgar and accepts the job. Edgar tells Thomas that the job's scale will require some extra hands. After a job, Edgar takes Thomas to _ Hotel and introduces him to Maria and Andrea Acconcia, one of his con victim in the past. Thomas hates the fact that Edgar reintroduces him to his enemies, but he hides his hatred as he aware that Edgar has no idea about their feud.



Thomas is described as a man with fit build, 5' 11" (1.8 m) in height, with brown hair and brown eye. He is mostly seen wearing a plain T-shirt at daytime. For a more "professional" looks, his default outfit is a brown suit with a light-blue Hawaiian shirt underneath.

Thomas is overconfident at some extent and is secretive about his personal life. While in Nassau, he was more ruthless, killing anyone who had discovered or ruined his and Cyrus’ scheme; even if they are innocent. After living in Vice City for a while, he tries his best to avoid harming people who supposedly not involved with his con.

Thomas is an intelligent conman, able to connect together complicated and seemingly unrelated events in his long-con. His scams usually revolves around offering his marks with power, wealth, or solutions; while assuming different reliable roles. He always put more effort on his con in a style inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio portrayal of former con-man Frank Abagnale in 2002 film Catch Me If You Can.

Thomas also posses talents in sleight-of-hand tricks, a trait inspired by real-life figures Apollo Robbins and Ben Seidman. The skill will benefit him more during poker game when the player wants to cheat.