Thomas Lipton
Thomas Lipton
Appearance(s): GTA: Online
GTA: King of The Hill
Also known as: Tommy, Terry
Status: alive
Date of birth: 1989
Place of birth: Los Santos
Nationality: American
Family: Miklos Lipton (Cousin), Michelangelo Lipton (Paternal Uncle), Jenni Taylor (Cousin-in-law)
Main affiliation: Vespucci Movie Masks
Vehicle(s): Primo

"I admit, my life wasn't very eventful before you arrived, Miklos, but I didn't want you to spice it up to the point of RUINING it!"
―Thomas Lipton

Thomas Lipton is a character in Grand Theft Auto series, who appears as a main character in King of The Hill and Online.


Thomas is Miklos Lipton's cousin and a nephew of Michael Lipton. Thomas was born in Los Santos and now lives in Vespucci and works in Vespucci Movie Masks. Thomas and Miklos don't know each other quite well, but get to form a relationship when Miklos lives with him in LS.

Events in King of The Hill

When Thomas' cousin Miklos, who works in Merryweather, is employed by a billionare Devin Weston to do some spy work in Los Santos, Miklos contacts Thomas and asks for a place to sleep. Thomas agrees to lodge Miklos in his house in Vespucci.

After finishing Weston's assignments, Miklos continues to reside in Thomas' apartment. Thomas wants to get know Miklos better nad hang out with him, but during their night out, they manage to get drunk and anger the Los Santos Triads, which causes them to send Los Santos Santas after them, causing in turn Thomas to be afraid to get out of his house.

Later, when Miklos saves an actress Jenni Taylor from Marabunta Grande and brings her to Thomas' house for safety, they're eventually forced to leave the house when the Grande attacks them.

After Miklos' criminal empire is taken over by Perry Harris, Thomas helps Miklos have a revenge on him.


As no one wants him and Miklos dead anymore, Thomas returns to work in Vespucci Movie Masks.

Mission Appearances

King of The Hill