"You can't touch me."- Timothy Jacklyn

Timothy Jacklyn
Timothy Jacklyn
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Guns of The Night
Also known as: Timmy

Tim Jackie

Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: May 6, 1992 (26)
Place of birth: Little Haiti, Vice City
Home: Vice Point, Vice City
Nationality: Australian
Family: David Jacklyn (father)

Jean Torsen-Jacklyn (mother) Frank Jacklyn (brother) Emma Jacklyn (sister)

Main affiliation: TASIS Grease Band
Vehicle(s): Jackal

9F Cabrio
Bati 801

Voiced by: Shia LaBeouf
Timothy Kenneth Jacklyn is a twenty-six year old greaser, causing a little bit of trouble in Vice City and is motion captured and voiced by Shia LaBeouf.

Timothy and four of his friends are one of the most infamous greasers in Vice City (as they have greaser blood in them). However, Timothy wants to erase all foes from Vice City and make it only TASIS turf. Timothy will do that, but at risk.

Early Life

Timothy was born on May 6,1992 to former Greaser, David Jacklyn and doctor, Jean Jacklyn. Timothy is the middle child, he has one older brother and one younger sister. Timothy is an atheist and says that we were "created from thin air, so there is no such thing as God".

Timothy was introduced to the lifestyle of a greaser after his father told him stories about his days as a Greaser and watching Greaser movies, once he even dressed up as a greaser for Halloween in the seventh grade. Timothy's friends, joined a greaser gang. Timothy joined the gang, but it's a long story of how he joined.

Life Today

Timothy is now known infamously for Greaser and Biker wars with other gangs in Vice City. He also gambles and hustles. Timothy is a pro pool player and has a habit of gambling in the casino. Timothy makes the money, but from games.


  • Timothy is 5'9
  • Timothy likes playing pool.
  • Timothy has a deep interest in motorcycles.
  • Timothy's type of fashion is of leather and flannel.
  • Timothy's favorite desert is a carrot cake.
  • Timothy is an expert gunman.