Gary: "Dude,I need you help!"

David: "What the matter man?"

Gary: "I go gamblin and win big!but some people not happy about that. Those motherfucker is chasing me now!Come to South Luken at a basket ball court. I'm holding up here so be fast,oh shit!"

To The Rescue! is the seventh storyline mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory given to the protaganist, David Hudson by his friend Gary Mackson.

Location: The Apartment at Quine, Luken

For: Gary Mackson

Reward: $150

UnlocksDeal Wars and you could play basketball anytime at the basketball court.

Unlock by: Tank Rampage

Mission Description

David go back to the house to get some jobs from Gary but he not there. Later,he got a call from Gary saying he is been attack by some poeople who hate him for winning big in a gamble. David need to go to South Luken and help Gary out.


You need to go to South Luken before Gary is killed,a health meter for Gary will appear. After you arrive,finish off the people that is attacking Gary.After everyone is killed,get in the car and go back to the apartment,a car will start chasing you and Gary so try lose it. After you arrive at the apartment,Gary say thank you and give you some money. He enter the house and the mission is complete.


  • Go to South Luken before Gary is killed.
  • Fend of the people who is attacing Gary.
  • A car is chasing you,lose it.
  • Go to the apartment.


Player could play basketball and the next mission,Deal Wars is unlock.