Tommy Vercetti is protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. In Grand Theft Auto: Deleted Scenes, he is main protagonist in Vice City, but in Carl Johnson's view, he become main antagonist.

This article is telling about Tommy Vercetti's lifetime in Grand Theft Auto: Deleted Scenes.

Bruce Muth's report

  • Surname : Vercetti
  • First Name : "Tommy" Tommaso
  • Date of Birth : 1951
  • Place of Birth : Rockford, Liberty City
  • Affiliations :
    Forelli Family (Formerly, 1969~1986)
    Vercetti Gang (1986~)
  • Criminal Record :
    1969 - Grand Theft Auto
    1970 - Armed Robbery
    1971 - Murder of 11 men, aka "The Harwood Butcher"
  • Notes :
    A.K.A. The Harwood Butcher, now he called "The Lord of Vice City".
    Head of Vercetti Gang since 1986.
    Living in Vercetti Estate.
    Formerly friend of Sonny Forelli, but he separated because of "The Harwood Butcher" incident.
    He doesn't care his members' or affiliates' nationality if they're helpful to him.


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Early Life

Born in Rockford, Liberty City, between Eugenio Vercetti and Crocetta Vercetti in 1951. Eugenio managed print works which owned by Ricardo Agrico, Eugenio's friend. Crocetta helped neighbor's houseworks. They were poor family, but Eugenio teached Tommy many lessons about life.

"Eugenio : Printer never lies.
Tommy : So?
Eugenio : You'll experience so many matters when you are growing up. After you experienced, the results will be carved on your body and spirit. It's same with printer.
Tommy : I understand.
Eugenio : Don't leave any stain on your body and spirit. We can fix books which were made wrong, but our lives can't. You can wash, but they'll never erased.
―Eugenio talking with child Tommy.

But Tommy became violent since he met Sonny Forelli. He knew his 'games' were dangerous, but he want to feel freedom. So Tommy fought with his father - but that's no use.

Member of Forelli Family

He joined in Forelli Family in 1969. His age was too young to join in the mafia, but he proved himself for stealing numerous cars from Francis International Airport and others.

In October 2, 1969, he killed Franco Citti for making his bone.

In December 1969, he called to rooftop of Carson General Hospital and became made man by Demetrio Forelli, Sonny's father and Sonny.

The Harwood Butcher

Release and dispatch to Vice City

The Lord of Vice City

Venture in Las Venturas

Five Family Wars