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Tony Adventura
Tony Adventura
Biographical information
Full name Tony Enrique Quintana Adventura
Real name Enrique Adventura
Nickname(s) 'Que'

'El Desprecio'

Born December 16, 1987
Citizenship Naturalized American
Physical description
Hair Medium-Brown
Eyes Hazel
Height 1.96 m (6 5")
Weight 99 kg (218lbs.)
Career information
Occupation Underground Grey Market

Los Santos Customs manager

Rank Casique (Import Officer)
Affiliations Various Gangs
Other information
Voice Enzo Fortuny

Tony Enrique Adventura, known on the street circuits as "El Desprecio", is an American-Dominicana street racer, Spanish film actor and former radio-host of San Juan Sounds. Adventura has ties to many criminal syndicates throughout America via trafficking connections, and he has been operating and working the grey market of the country, distributing automobiles and other illegally manufactured imports to factions like Agence Tout, La Élite, and even the infamous Faustin Bratva.



Since he has a vital operation for underground syndicates, he and his enforcers wear personal armor of Kevlar materials to protect them against blades and small arms fire. Easily concealed beneath overlapping clothes, these body armor elements have saved Adventura's life on many occasions; notably four rival gang drive-by shootouts by the Vagos and a mugging by the Ballas.

Recently, he has chosen to wear less armor as his clothing style has drastically changed over the years, to stay with the current style.


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Keep it tight, keep it light.
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As he works in the public as a civil servant of car modifications, he is often seen with urban or 'hipster' appearances. Items include real material items, designer clothing and custom fitted apparel. When due, he will wear professional clothing during annual meetings to further show his worth. He is notorious for wearing a season-less wool beanie.

As he continues to make more money, his clothing style evolves, he can usually be seen wearing plain red or white shirt, tan chinos and Red and Black sneakers.



Adventura owns three vehicles with different uses and utilities. A Declasse Sabre; used for illegal bootlegging. An Albany Cavalcade; needed for moving multiple people and a Annis GT-A; used as his primary street circuit vehicle.

Adventura's GT-A is extremely modified and refurbished with both legal and explicit merchandise. He chose the GT-A because he does not like his vehicles smooth, quiet, comfortable and effortless. Instead, he loves to listen to the whine of the GT-A's engine, the rumble of the full exhaust-pipes, the feel of the vibrations in the engine with solid motor vibrations on the steering wheel while idling on the stoplights. Adventura likes the stiffness of the GT-A, the notchiness of the tranny he has to literally wrench when shifting gears. The harsh ride with the polyurethane suspension bushings and ProKit/AGX combo. The feeling of invincibility off the line and the way he gets thrown against the seat and feels like being a part of the car at that moment.

Annis GT-A

Adventura enjoys hearing the notorious "What the fuck do you have in that thing!?" from over-confident car owners after blowing the doors off their shiny machines they spent a fortune for. The intimidating jet engine-like whine of the turbo and the BOV bark between shifts. He also has his nick-name 'El Desprecio' in English imprinted as his licensee plate, which says 'Content'.


Born Enrique Quintana in Dominica in 1987, Tony "Content" Adventura became one of the most notorious actors and radio personalities of the early 21st century. He came to the United States on a barge, landing in Liberty City in the autumn with his family in 1998, at age eleven. Due to his illegal immigration, they had to bribe officials because they were without a travel license. Claiming they escaped from Cuba and did a pre-departure cleanup of all baggage, the Quintana family were allowed into Liberty City by law. The family settled in East Holland, where young Enrique soon embarked upon a petty life of crime: He became involved with a local Italian gang known as the Moore crime family, which was an associate of the Pavano Family. Wanting Enrique to live a fair and honest life compared to his, Nasio Quintana enrolled him in a community high school. Not able to speak English with an American accent, Enrique was bullied and struggled in middle-school.

He preferred to learn theater and media and learned how to make it on the streets of Liberty City's Lower East Side. His father, Nasio, made his very first instrument: a piece of board with fishing lines for strings. Enrique had a habit of making instruments out of everything he could find. At age sixteen, he joined the student radio and stayed host until graduation. The students approved of this as he had a unique blend of American and Dominican accents, which was both easy-listening and strict at the same time. After graduating, Enrique underwent an anglicisation process, officially converting his name to his stage epithet, Tony Adventura. He was hired by San Juan Sounds in early 2005 as they needed a young, cheap host until a more professional host could be located. He worked as the host and was on a mechanics course at the same time, which the radio manager disapproved of because Tony would be tired on-air occasionally.

While he attended his mechanics course for some time, he managed a budding criminal career as well. The teenage Adventura befriended Hispanic drug cartel members, who would become important allies. He also became affiliated with Chico Mendes' criminal operation, Los Santos Vagos; sending them low-budget cars for skim money. Adventura got involved in illicit vehicle distribution through his course, which led to his first arrest on October 18, 2005. Being inexperienced, he was caught with illegal Japanese imports and served two months at a reformatory for the crime. He got acquitted and fired from San Juan Sounds and blindly sought revenge on whoever replaced him, blaming them. With his connections, they smuggled him an unmarked rifle and three magazines.

On the morning of January 6, 2006, Adventura, jealous about being replaced by Ramón Ayala, fired an AK-47 at him during a drive-by. Ramón was hit and rolled beneath a parked van, presumed dead by Adventura who later fled Liberty City to Los Santos and the welcome of the underground. Adventura's trial was going to be charges of assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault. Later that day, it was announced that the case was dismissed because Ramón refused to cooperate with authorities. Ramón refused to authenticate that the shooter was Adventura and claimed that he was "out of town". Subsequently, the prosecution in the armed assault case was forced to drop the charges against Tony Adventura.

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Police Database information

Surname: Adventura

First Name: Enrique

Age: 26

Place of Birth: Dominica

Affiliations: Known associate of criminal syndicates.

Criminal Record:


  • Immigrated to the US from Dominica in the late 90s.
  • Suspected individual in 2006 shooting.
  • Resident of East Los Santos.
  • Believed to be involved in Hispanic Organized Crime.
  • Suspected of white collar crimes.
  • Known street race enthusiast.
  • Connections with known gangsters Frederico Nathan and Pedro Martinez.


"Cleanliness, right next to Godliness"
―Said whilst cleaning blood from his car's bonnet
"4th gear, the turbo makes my car pull like a fucking bullet train"
―Explaining the top-speed of his custom GT-A to random subordinates
"You want the sharpest-looking car in Vice City? You got money?"
―Said to Robert "Big Bear" Menendez over a phonecall
"Of course my Baby is unstealable, I made her myself."
―Said to Dick Rogers at their first meeting


  • Tony Adventura Star
    Tony Adventura is one of the honored celebrities and has a place on the Vinewood Walk of Fame under the Movie Actor category, mostly since his acting career was more successful than his radio career.
  • The shooting of Ramón Ayala (Daddy Yankee) is based off an actual event, though the event has been scripted to fit the Grand Theft Auto IV timeline and is non-canon.
  • The full name uses Spanish naming customs; the paternal family name is Quintana and the anglicized family name is Adventura.
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