Debbie: "You better not be a cop!"

Mark: "Heard of me? I'm Mark, Mark Smith. I've been working with your mad husband, Max."

Debbie: "Ohh, right. The one who broke out of Demone Prison Island, right? He told me about you! Now, push the gas pedal and drive me around the town, will ya?"

Town Tour is the sixteenth story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime.

Unlocks: Downtown Disorder

Unlocked by: Grand Theft Painting

Reward: 5 bags of acid

Mission Description

Max's wife, Debbie, wants a nice ride from someone "that is not a couch potato with square eyes", so he wants Mark to take his car and make Debbie have the time of her life.


Take the Oracle and drive to the bus stop. Sound your horn to alarm Debbie, and she should enter. She orders you to drive quick and perform some stunt jumps or near misses to have the ride of her life. When her "Excitement" meter has risen up, drop her off back home. She says her and Mark should hang out someday. Mission Complete.


  • Get in the car.
  • Head to the bus stop.
  • Sound your alarm.
  • Debbie wants to have a ball. Drive fast, perform stunt jumps, or near misses.
  • She has had enough for now, take her back home.


Upon completing this mission will reward you with 5 bags of acid, and the next mission Downtown Disorder is unlocked. Also, you can keep the red Oracle without Max caring.

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