Trash Talk
Vital statistics
Game King of The Hill
For Frosya Khachaturian
Location Ammu-Nation, East Los Santos
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Frosya gets hurt
Rewards None
Protagonist(s) Miklos Lipton
Previous Next
Armenian Dream Taking Out the Trash
Frosya: "To make sure the Aliens won't steal our trash, we must get rid of the trash. Are you up for the quest, Fellow Traveler? I can guarantee our toil for the safety the US citizens will be handsomely rewarded."
Miklos: "Reward, huh? That's one of my favorite things. Alright, girl, I'm in."
Frosya Khachaturian persuades Miklos Lipton
Trash Talk is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill, given to Miklos Lipton by Frosya Khachaturian.


Miklos encounters Frosya, a conspiracy theorist, in the backyard of an Ammu-Nation store in East Los Santos.

Frosya is sitting on a dumpster, meditating and mumbling nonsense. She explains how she has discovered that a belligerent alien race is planning to invade Earth and are currently learning about mankind's weaknesses by stealing and analyzing their trash.

Frosya is in a need of an assistant, and Miklos seems to be perfect for the job, as he was the only one who answered to her "telepathic call". Frosya orders Miklos to destroy 20 garbage trucks around Los Santos to foil the Aliens' plans. Miklos agrees when he hears the word "reward".

Miklos leaves and soon gets a text message from Frosya, telling him the trucks are naturally cruising around the city and he might encounter Police resistance, and should not hold back as they're on the Aliens' payroll.

After the player destroys all the trucks, they get a text message from Frosya, telling to meet her near the East LS Ammu-Nation.


  • None


  • Talk to Frosya behind the East LS Ammu-nation
  • Destroy 20 garbage trucks

Gold Medal Objectives

  • None
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