Mark: "We'll be there for your stupid game any minute. Now shut up and enjoy this ride. I'm trying to calm my nerves because of you."

Jonnie: "Well, my nurses forgot my ADHD pills. So I'm sorry, tight ass prick!"

―The trip.

Trespassing is the nineteenth story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime.

Unlocks: Execution in the Mall

Unlocked by: Searching for Max

Reward: $2,000

Mission Description

Albert is babysitting his nephew named Jonnie but unfortunately he has been constantly begging for a new video game, so he wants Mark to take him to a game store at Flamingo Bay, but they are both caught trespassing.


Head on over to the nearby jetty and get on the Tropic. Drive to the next jetty at Flamingo Bay. While you're on the way, Jonnie will complain and make comments, such as saying he wants to get off due to suffering a fear of water. Upon arrival, a four-star wanted level is attained. Get off the boat and get in the Admiral.

Head to Game Hut carefully and watch out for cops trying to bust you while on the way. Enter the store once you arrive, and purchase the game Jonnie has been wanting.

Now go outside and get back to the jetty. Hop on the boat and sail back to Flintwood. Get back to Albert's house, and the mission is complete.


  • Head on over to the nearby jetty.
  • Get in the boat.
  • Sail to Flamingo Bay.
  • Run to the car.
  • Drive to the game store. Watch out for cops!
  • Get inside.
  • Buy the game Jonnie has been eager about.
  • Get back in the car.
  • Drive back to the jetty.
  • Get in the boat.
  • Go back to Flintwood.
  • Make your way back to the house and drop Jonnie off there.